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Privacy window film can help employees stay focused

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Of course you were thrilled when you opened your new offices on the ground floor in one of the city’s busiest neighborhoods. The increase in visibility and business from the foot traffic alone was a major plus. But your new office with the passersby and those big plate glass windows turned out to have a […]

Security window film can protect your family and pets from broken glass.

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Security window film is often thought of as merely a deterrent for break-ins. It is outstanding for that, keeping the glass in the frame and not allowing it to shatter or allow the intruder entry. It’s perfect for storefronts and other businesses on busy downtown streets and any high crime areas. Installing this high-tech product […]

Hospital window film can keep your energy costs to a minimum.


Operating costs for hospitals can add up quickly and overrun your budget. It is a scenario facing many hospitals in the country today – escalating costs and not enough revenues. Obviously, a hospital must be climate controlled and must keep the temperatures within a certain range, regardless of the outside weather.

Adding window film can keep your schools energy costs to a minimum.

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Modern schools are light and airy, with windows in each classroom. Everyone these days is well aware of the many benefits of natural lighting. But these very same windows can be a huge drain on your budget, because they are one of the main places in a building where the heat leaks right out. And […]

Reduce glare on computers with glare reduction window film.

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Glare from the sun on your employees’ computers can cause their productivity to go down, costing you money. This is just one of the hazards of the technological age we live in. And of course, it is even more of an issue here in Dallas since we do get those 300 plus days of sunshine […]