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Taming The Sun: The Winter Benefits Of Tinting The Windows On Your Dallas Home

Natural sunlight is a good thing in a home, right? Well, yes and no. While it offers plenty of positives benefits, including a higher quality of life, there are also several downsides to letting the light shine in, one of which is losing heat in the winter through the very windows that let in that […]

Window Tinting Makes For A Better Work Environment

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Anyone who works in an office building in the Metro Dallas area knows the extreme sun exposure can be brutal. As a building owner, you want your tenants and their employees to be both comfortable and productive in their work environment. As you may well know, it is difficult for people to sit under the […]

How Window Tinting Can Save Your Dallas Home & Furniture from Fading

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Have you ever left a beach towel or t-shirt out in the sun for too long and noticed it almost looked like it had been bleached? That’s because too much exposure to sunlight can cause fading to colors in fabrics, dyes, paint, and other materials. The trouble is, this effect doesn’t only happen outside. It […]