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Window Film On Your Dallas Hotel Windows Saves You Money!

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The Cost Of Windows Without Tint On Your Dallas Hotel Life in Dallas, Texas is great. The economy is doing well, the people are friendly and the weather is mostly mild…mostly. One issue Texans residing in Dallas and visitors alike have to face is the sweltering Texas sun. The glare on windows in homes, offices, […]

Protect Your Buildings Windows From The Glaring Dallas Sun

dallas bomb blast films

Get Rid Of The Glare Problem On Your Dallas Office Building The buildings of Dallas rise high above the quickly growing city and from far away their windows glimmer like stars shining in the middle of the day. Everything is bigger in Texas and that includes the heat and the glare from the unforgiving sun. […]

How Dallas Schools Can Save Money by Using Mirror & Metal Shield to Prevent Tagging in Bathroom Stalls and on Bathroom Mirrors

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School bathrooms are a magnet for graffiti. They’re discreet and private, which means that kids can easily get away with vandalising these areas without getting caught. And unless something is done to stop the vandalism, it’s just a matter of time before bathrooms in even the nicest and newest schools become completed covered with scratches, […]