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How to Prevent Bird Collisions With Window Film In Dallas

Bird/window collisions cause billions of needless avian deaths every year. They are ghastly to witness and are even affecting the environment. They cost high-rise buildings here in Dallas and around the world millions of dollars each year. Preventing these collisions is a benefit to both parties–buildings and birds. Knowing they need to be stopped, the […]

Blackout Window Film Options for Dallas Homes

A bright home filled with sunlight is usually a positive thing homeowners look for. However, there are certain areas of your home that you may need light control options for. Whether you’re looking for blackout solutions for your bedroom or your home theater, finding the right choice can be difficult. Blackout curtains are effective but […]

The Benefits of Bomb Blast Window Film for Dallas Businesses

benefits bomb blast window film dallas

Safety is always an important issue, but lately, it’s even more critical than normal. As a business owner, you need your staff and customers to feel safe when on your property. But you might not have the resources to invest a ton of money into security equipment. If you want to keep your business safe […]