At Dallas Window Film we install only the best window films available. After doing some thorough research we chose Eastman window films as one of our premium window film suppliers.

Eastman formerly know as Solutia Performance Films uses applied chemistry to create products better in terms of durability, energy effciency, as well as reliability. Solutia creates several innovative and unique products. One of their specialties is creating products that make windows and other glass surfaces more efficient and functional. Solutia Eastman

Eastmans window films include Vista Window Film, Enerlogic Window Film, & Lumar Window Film. This allows Dallas Window Film to offer a wide variety of window film applications to the residents of Dallas, as well as all over Texas. Our experts can recommend the best window film for your specific needs.

With the help of Solutia, Dallas Window Film has been able to deliver its customers with the most innovative window films available today. Vista window films UV protection film is perfect for homeowners who want to protect their floors and furniture from fading, without sacrificing light coming in through the windows. For saving energy all year round Enerlogic can’t be beat. Lumar window film is what we use for specialty applications such as privacy, decorative, and security films. These window films have been installed all over the world, including Buckingham Palace and the Vatican.