The most common question clients ask us is how much money they will save if we install window film on their homes of offices. While the answer varies from building to building, here is a real world example of how drastically new windows and subsequently the addition of window film to these windows reduced the electricity bill for one of our clients.

This case study demonstrates how the window film can provide you a return on your investment in as little as 18 months.  In addition to the money that installation of our window film can save you, it also improves your quality of life in your home while simultaneously reducing the wear on your furniture and other belongings.

These are the summer bills for a 2900 square foot house with the home’s original windows.    Note the average daily cost of $8.98.

After installing new windows from our sister company, Scottish Home Improvements, see the energy bill drop to $6.55/day.

When our solar window film was added to these new windows that daily cost was reduced to $2.54/day.