Graffiti, defacing your windows and glass doors is an age-old problem. Dallas Window Film has a new solution to this old problem: anti-graffiti film for your Dallas property!

Sacrificial films are an economical way for business and commercial space owners to easily protect their windows from graffiti and tagging. Anti-Graffiti window film is the perfect solution for inner city areas where graffiti is an issue.

Graffiti to some might be considered art. However, the fact of the matter is, graffiti defaces property and can be costly to remove. While anti-graffiti film won’t stop the graffiti itself, it does make clean up less expensive.

Since anti-graffiti film is installed to the outside of your existing window, cleanup is simple. After graffiti covers your windows, simply peel the outer layer off the windows, and the graffiti is gone. This is a much more cost-effective solution than other graffiti removal options. We also offer anti-graffiti films for other types of surfaces including mirror and metal films.

Graffiti Shield

Preserving Glass Aesthetics

Graffiti Shield for glass is a protective film or coating designed to prevent damage and defacement of glass surfaces by graffiti and vandalism. This transparent and durable solution acts as a barrier, making it easier to clean off graffiti without harming the glass underneath. It offers cost-effective protection for storefronts, public transportation, and other glass surfaces, helping to maintain a clean and attractive appearance while reducing the need for expensive glass replacement or repairs.

Retail Window Film

Protecting More Than Just Glass

In Dallas, anti-graffiti film is a versatile solution that can be applied to various surfaces beyond glass, including elevator metal panels, concrete walls, and public transportation vehicles. It serves as a protective barrier against graffiti and vandalism, making it easier to clean and maintain these surfaces without damage. This cost-effective and practical approach helps preserve the aesthetics of different structures and materials, reducing the financial burden of constant repair or replacement.

Office Window Film

Removable and Replaceable

Graffiti Shield’s removable and replaceable nature is a key advantage. When graffiti or vandalism occurs, this protective film or coating can be easily removed without causing any damage to the underlying surface. Then, a fresh layer of Graffiti Shield can be applied, restoring the protection and appearance of the substrate. This process is cost-effective and efficient, ensuring that surfaces can be maintained and preserved over time, even in the face of repeated incidents.

Commercial Window Film