Casper Cloaking Technology for Dallas Workspaces and Offices

As collaborative workspaces become more common throughout the Dallas area, finding a functional privacy solution may seem overwhelming. As more and more offices and workspaces require privacy solutions, it’s important to consider all the options in order to really optimize your workspace and employee productivity. Casper Cloaking technology offers Dallas businesses an effective privacy solution that’s extremely unique and highly captivating. Obscure unwanted views without traditional privacy tinting, curtains, partitions, and other outdated, dysfunctional options.

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About Casper Cloaking Film

Casper Cloaking film is designed to make any LED screen appear completely black or off to anyone outside of the installed film. Perfect for cubicles, conference rooms, collaborative workspaces, and much more, Casper Cloaking film presents an elegant privacy solution that still maintains a welcoming vibe throughout your Dallas office space. Created by Designtex, Casper offers complete privacy for peace-of-mind. Your employees no longer have to worry about concealing sensitive information– they can now focus on productivity and collaboration.

Benefits of Casper Cloaking Film for Dallas Properties

This revolutionary privacy film is one-of-kind, presenting numerous benefits for various applications in Dallas properties:

  • Completely conceal any LED screen from unwanted, outside views
  • Can be applied to any smooth glass surface
  • Delivers privacy in plain sight
  • Doesn’t obstruct visible light transmissions
  • Available in 16 different patterns and designs

Casper Cloaking Film


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