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Safety & Security window films from Dallas Window Film experts can go a long way to protecting your investment! Click here to get the process started today!

Window Film In Place Of Tempered Glass For Your Home Remodel

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Security Window Film Makes Remodels Easier There are so many great old homes in Dallas.   And don’t think nobody has noticed.  That’s right vintage home restoration is at an all time high right now, especially with the influx of new home buyers to the Dallas area. While renovations look amazing they are incredibly difficult and […]

Window Tinting Can Secure Your Dallas Building from Intruders and Attacks

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According to Texas Gun Sense, over 3,200 gun related fatalities occur in the state of Texas each year. Oftentimes these cases have no specific origin, but occur randomly without rhyme or reason. While gun violence may be unpredictable, it’s not totally unpreventable. Window tinting can protect your Dallas building and those inside from intruders, attacks, […]

A security upgrade

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Are you looking for a security upgrade for your Dallas home, office, or other commercial or municipal space? If you hire a security consultant or security systems company, they might not tell you about one affordable option that can really make a big difference in your building’s security. With security window film, Dallas residents can […]

Security window film can protect your home.

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If you’re like most homeowner, your home is one of the biggest investments you will ever make in your lifetime. Protecting your home from vandalism and burglars is a top priority. In some Dallas neighborhoods, this is much more important than in others, but regardless of where you life, you need peace of mind about […]

Protect your business windows with security window film


Because of their locations, store-fronts can be highly vulnerable to break-ins and vandalism. This is particularly true if the store is on a busy main street in a bustling downtown, in an area of gang related activity or high crime, or in a neighborhood that frequently has festivals, street fairs, or is outside a stadium […]