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Window Film to Stop Wood Furnishings From Fading

Discover how window film can help protect your wood furnishings from fading due to sun exposure. Learn about the effects of sunlight on wood!

Keep Your Merchandise Safe from the Sun with Fade Prevention Film for your Dallas Retail Store

fade prevention window film dallas

Window displays and merchandising placed close to windows where people can see them are one of the most effective ways to turn passersby into customers. To prevent your window displays from fading and turning from an attraction into a deterrent, you can utilize fade prevention window film to protect Dallas window displays from the bright […]

How UV Blocking Window Film Can Extend the Life Expectancy of Furniture & Flooring

uv blocking window film dallas

At some point growing up, you were probably taught about the importance of putting on sunblock before you go outside. Putting on sunblock is important for protecting your skin against ultraviolet radiation. When uv rays from the sun come into contact with our skin for too long a period of time, the intense radiation is […]

How Window Film Prevents Fading Of Wood Finishes In Dallas Homes

fade prevention Window Film in Dallas

The Power Of Solar Control Window Film For Your Dallas Home When you think about window film and tinting the uses that come to mind are often reduced glare or temperature control.  You, of course, would not be wrong in that assumption–window film is by far one of the most potent means of sun control […]