Look at our commercial case studies of business’s that have tried window film for various applications. Some of these projects have seen a return on investment within two years. One of the case studies that really stands out is the City of Denver that used commercial window tinting to lower their annual energy costs along a large building section. They were later rewarded the Certificate of Merit for innovative technology by the Environmental Protection Agency.

These high-tech applications of window films will help you see how innovative this technology is.

  • Vista Ambiance VE 35 Low-E (low emissivity) Film – City & County of Denver
  • Vista Luminance – Biosphere 2
  • Vista UVShield – Doctor’s Office
  • Vista UVShield Nuance – The Residences at The Ritz Carlton
  • Vista V## Sunrise Bronze – Golf Club House
  • Vista UVShield Sunrise – Dallas Parkway Hilton
  • Vista UVShield Nuance – Gulf Power Offices


After reviewing the case studies, you might have noticed how different each buildings situation was. Installing energy efficient window film on a secure government building might help it to be more energy efficient. However considering they want to make their building more secure, security, or bomb blast prevention film would be a better choice for their unique needs. This is why Dallas Window Film works with Vista, Enerlogic, and Llumar window films. Between these three window film manufacturers we are better able to accommodate the needs of several different window film markets. This allows us to fit each individual company’s specific window film needs. Dallas Window Film uses only the best quality window films available on the market today. That’s why we stand behind our lifetime window film warranty.

If you are looking for window film for your restaurant, office, hotel, or other commercial building and would like more information on which film is best for you, we can help. If you would like to schedule a free onsite consultation don’t hesitate to contact us today. Any one of our window film experts are happy to answer any questions and provide knowledgeable advice about which window film will meet your individual needs.