As energy costs continue to reach outrageous hights, more and more business’s and homeowners strive to live “green”. Keeping this in mind, one of the easiest and most economical ways to do this is with energy efficient window film. This film is the perfect investment that can yield returns in a few years.

Installing window film can be one of the easyist investments you can make towards living green. This film can be installed in homes, retail spaces, offices, or even factorys. Since you will see a return on your investment after a few years and every year after, energy efficiency window film is the perfect investment.

This chart below will give you a better understanding of how this amazing film works and how your space can benefit from it year after year:


  • After installing energy efficient window film, you will start to notice your single paned windows performing like double paned windows. Your double paned windows will function with the energy efficiency of triple paned windows. This is only one of the benefits of this amazing film.
  • The suns UV rays beating through a window can be intense. By installing window film 99% of these rays are blocked making it much easier to maintain a comfortable temperature during those hot Dallas summer months.
  • Energy efficient window film can dramatically reduce the heat that comes through your windows. This type of window film blocks the heat before it even enters your home. This makes it much easier to maintain a comfortable temperature during the summer. In fact depending on your homes, size, orientation, and existing arhitecture you might be able to keep the air conditioner off all summer!
  • During the winter months heat can easily escape through windows making it difficult to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home or office. Energy efficient window film can act like an insulator for your windows keeping the warm air in and the cold air out. This means you can run your heating system less and dramatically lower your energy bills.

If you would like to explore some case studies on this energy efficient window film, click here.



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