Window Film for Hospitals & Healthcare in Dallas

Dallas Window Film is proud to be the leading source for hospital window film in Dallas and the surrounding area. If you’re a hospital and you want to save money on your energy costs, window film is the perfect solution. Hospitals literally work around the clock and need to maintain a comfortable temperature all year round. Windows are notorious for letting heat in during the summer, and letting heat out during the winter. This makes it extremely difficult to maintain temperatures without spending large amounts of money on heating and cooling. Energy efficiency window film acts as a heat blocker during the summer and insulates your windows keeping the heat in during the winter. That’s why energy efficiency window film is the perfect solution for hospital windows. This type of film can easily pay for itself in as little as one year.

In addition to energy saving window film for hospitals, Dallas Window Film also offers options for enhancing privacy, security, daylight/indoor brightness, and more. Whether you manage an emergency care facility or a dentist or doctors office, we’ve got the perfect solution for you!


Installing window film can turn your hospitals single pane windows into double panes, and your double pane windows into triple panes. You will receive all the benefits of new windows, without the added time and costs of construction. Since window film has great insulation properties, you will see an ROI much faster than installing new windows.

In addition to the energy savings properties of window film, there are other benefits as well. Some of our window films have a mirrored look, so your patients will have the privacy they desire while they are spending time in the hospital. The last thing someone wants is to feel like they are being seen by people from surrounding buildings while they are recovering. That’s why privacy window film is the perfect solution to this problem.

Dallas window film hospital

When you make an investment for your hospital we know it’s not a simple decision. You want to make sure you get the best possible solution for your hospitals issue. That’s why Dallas Window Films team is put together of the highest quality project managers, and installers. This way we are confident that every project will run smoothly from start to finish. If you would like more information about our installation process click here to view our installation page.

Dallas Window Film is ready for any size hospital project. If you would like more information about hospital stained glass or would like a free on-site consultation, give us a call today.