Save on energy costs for your hotel with window film in Dallas! Since hotels must maintain the temperature of their rooms whether they are occupied or not, they are at a huge disadvantage when it comes to their energy bills. Thats why installing energy efficient window film is the perfect choice for hotel windows. This type of window film can block the heat from coming in during the summer, and keep the heat from going out during the winter. This makes it much easier as well as cost effective to maintain a comfortable temperature all year round.


When it comes to going green and maintaining that image, energy savings window film is the perfect cost effective solution. Hotels usually will see a return on their investment within 2-5 years. In addition there are several styles of window film so each individual hotel will be able to find a window film that will perfectly match their needs.

If your hotel is located in a warmer climate, we have you covered. Some of our window films are specifically designed with more reflective surfaces. This makes these window films perfect for warmer climates. In addition your clients will enjoy the added privacy from this style of window film.

If you have a restaurant with partitions in your hotel, decorative window film could be the perfect solution for added privacy without losing style. This type of window film comes in various patterns and styles so you can gain privacy and still maintain the style inside your hotel. This can also be the perfect solution to cover up the glass windows in the hotel office while incorporating the hotel logo and branding.

The suns UV rays can be extremely damaging to floors, furniture, drapes, and art work in hotel rooms. These UV rays can cause fading, making everything in the room to look old, run down, or even dirty. This can make your hotel look cheap or unsanitary to guests that won’t care to stay at your hotel again. UV protective window film can dramatically slow the effects of this fading helping your furniture and floors to last much longer. In addition this type of window film can protect your guests skin and eyes from the suns harmful UV rays. Since this type of film can pay for itself with its energy savings benefits, it makes it a perfect investment.

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