Upgrade your office with window film in Dallas! Energy savings window film can save your office money on energy bills. Did you know there are other window films that your office could benefit from? Decorative window films can give your office area a new style at an economical price. If you would like more privacy in your office but don’t want to block the natural sunlight, decorative window film can help with that as well.

In a high crime neighborhood, a security or loss prevention window film might be the perfect choice. And for government offices, a bomb blast window film is also available.

If your office is located in an area where there is a high crime rate, your office could benefit from security or loss prevention window film. For those office or government buildings that need added security against acts of terrorism, bomb blast window film could give your building the added security it needs.
If you would like more information about office window films, you can take a look at our commercial case studies.

Dallas commercial window film

Office window film has several benefits, such as energy savings, and UV blockage. Many office buildings have several large windows that can lose heat during the winter. During the summer these same windows can let heat in and add glare to computer screens. This makes it difficult to maintain comfortable temperatures in your offices, in turn costing you money on heating and cooling. Installing window film is an investment that could pay for itself in as little as three years.

Replacing floors and furniture that have been faded from constant sunlight can be a costly investment for offices. UV fade protection window film can block the portion of the suns UV rays that cause fading, dramatically slowing the fading process.

The sun’s UV rays can cause problems not only for floors and furniture, but also our eyes and skin. Luckily UV fade protection window film can block up to 99% of these harmful rays at an economic price making this window film perfect for modern offices.


~ A ophthalmologist in New Jersey realized the suns UV rays were damaging peoples eyes. He decided to install Vista UV protective window film in his office, because of his growing concern for his staff and his patients. Since this film blocks 99% of the suns UV rays without blocking the light, this turned out to be the perfect solution for his busy office.
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~  Gulf Power Companies headquarters in Pensacola Florida, had a problem with glare from the nearby lake. After installing Vista UVShield window film, the glare problem was taken care of, and the employees were able to work without glare screens on their computers. In addition to the glare reduction benefits, the building is also enjoying the furniture and floor fade reduction benefits as well.
If you want to read more about this case study, click here.