Hanita Coatings Window Film for Dallas Properties

Hanita Coatings specializes in energy efficiency and security films, delivering a wide range of products that are designed for both residential and commercial properties throughout Dallas. With both interior and exterior window films available, properties can find the right investment solution that’s adaptive of their property. Hanita Coatings is a great addition to any property, providing high-performance films that enhance a building’s long-term sustainability.



SolarZone Window Films

SolarZone window films were developed for both residential and commercial application. Experience incredible solar heat rejection as well as UV protection properties. With glare reduction available as well, Dallas property owners can save considerably on energy costs all year-round. SolarZone window films are available in optically clear, neutral, as well as ranging reflective options. Transform your property’s exterior with modernizing options or keep your glass uncompromised.

SafetyZone Window Films

SafetyZone window films offer comprehensive protection against numerous threats. By mitigating broken glass hazards, Dallas properties can experience a reduced risk of injury as well as blast-related deaths. SafetyZone also includes an anti-graffiti option for defending surfaces from vandalism efforts and graffiti. Energy efficient security films are also available, providing a great all-in-one solution for homeowners and business owners.

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