When it comes to selecting the right security film for your Dallas home, the most important thing to consider is quality. Even with a limited budget, it is possible to find a high quality security film with a little bit of research or with the help of a professional window tinting company like Dallas Window Film. Choosing the right film could mean a huge difference for how long the film lasts and how well it works.

Your project manager will help you determine which brand and type of film is best for your home. We will do our best to accommodate your budget and find you a film that meets your needs, whether it’s break in protection, privacy, or glass strengthening. Our team are experts when it comes to security window tinting, and are well versed in all the latest products and industry trends.

Residential Security Film Applications

The primary reasons that people install security film is for either break in defense or because they are seeking a tempered glass alternative to bring their home up to modern building code standards. However, security window film can actually be used for a variety of applications and offers many benefits for homeowners including:

Storm protection: Hail and strong winds from storms or tornadoes can be devastating to your home windows. Window tint minimizes the impact from storms and natural disasters by fastening broken glass fast in place.

Glass strengthening: It doesn’t take much to break a window. Anything like a flying rock or stray golf ball can completely shatter glass. Products like C-Bond strengthen glass and protect against accidents and forced entry.

Solar benefits: The Texas heat can be unbearable during the summer. Window tint provides the perfect solution from protecting your home and family from the sun and can save up to 30% in energy costs.

Privacy benefits: Window tint can help make your home more safe and private for your guests and family. Window tinting reduces glass transparency without blocking out the beautiful sunlight you love and enjoy.

Break-in protection: Dallas is notorious for being a high crime city, with break-ins and property crimes being the most common issues. Window tint protects against breaks in by creating a tear resistant barrier that stops intruders in their tracks.

Tempered glass alternative: While tempered glass may be a requirement, the high price tag is often off putting for many homeowners. Window tint provides a more economical alternative to tempered glass and works in almost exactly the same way.

Security Window Film Brands

3M Safety & Security Film
3M creates many advanced security window tinting innovations that can help protect your Dallas home and family. 3M Safety & Security Films deter intruders, lessen destruction from accidents, and save money on window replacement.
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Llumar Safety & Security Film
Life’s full of surprises. That’s why for unexpected events that pose a danger to your family, there’s Llumar Safety & Security Film. Llumar Safety & Security Films create a protective barrier for your home that guards against intruders, mitigates damage from broken glass, and prevents injury.
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Huper Optik Safety & Security Film
Huper Optik Security Window Films provide the ultimate defense mechanism for any home. Huper Optik Security Films protect your home and family against outwardly dangers by shielding your windows from impact, turbulent weather, and armed robbers.
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huper optik solar control film

Madico Safety & Security Film
Madico has been in business for close to 100 years and has manufactured countless types of residential security films. Madico Safety & Security Films provide the ultimate protection for your family by guarding your windows from being accidentally or intentionally smashed and broken.
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Hanita Coatings Safety & Security Film
Hanita SafetyZone window films protect homes, schools, and commercial buildings all around the world. Hanita SafetZone film combine price and performance into one easy to install film and considerably minimize the risk of damage and injury.
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Solar Gard Safety & Security Film
Solar Gard film provides a high powered solution that can protect your home from the sun as well as outside dangers and unexpected events. Solar Gard films are energy efficient and also double as a security window tinting system.
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