Dallas Window Film is proud to carry and install the best selling brand of window film in the world, Llumar. Llumars wide line of products includes window films for both residential and commercial windows. Some LLumar window films for Dallas homes and buildings that we install include energy-efficiency, safety / security, anti-graffiti, and some amazing decorative window films.

Having Llumar Window Film installed by Dallas Window Film will quickly upgrade the look, function, comfort, and energy-efficiency of your windows.

Residential Window Films – Llumar

Keeping your Dallas home cool during the summer and warm during the winter without spending a fortune on energy costs is common amongst homeowners. Llumar window films know that your home is your biggest investment. Llumar helps you protect that investment by giving you more control over the things that matter most. By installing llumar window film you will improve your home’s energy-efficiency, cut energy costs, reduce glare, and enhance the overall look of your home. You can achieve all of this at a much lower cost than replacement windows.

This makes installing Llumar Window Film one of the best energy investments you will make this year.

Commercial Window Films – Llumar

Llumar is the world’s leader in manufacturing architectural window films. That’s why it has been upgrading and assisting with the security of many well known secure buildings around the globe. Llumars proven results are hard to ignore. Llumar window film has been helping some of the most well known buildings stay secure, such as Buckingham Palace, the Vatican, and Chrysler World Headquarters to name a few. If you think you could benefit from Llumars line of window films, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Whether its energy-efficiency, security, or glare reduction, Dallas Window Film can help you pick out the perfect window film to fit your specific needs.

Custom Window Films – Llumar

Llumar is a division of Eastman, an international company that provides some of the best lines of window film products on the market today. Some of the amazing window films they offer are decorative, safety, high performance tinted, reflective, sputtered, privacy, solar, and safety.

Since Eastman offers a custom order program, its easy for distributers to offer specialty films that will exactly fit your needs. This way they can comply with auto tinting laws, local and international building codes, as well as individual design ideas, and varying climates.