Large windows in retail store fronts and restaurants are great for advertising. However they are also extremely vulnerable to vandalism and break ins. Luckily there is a simple economical solution to this problem.

Loss prevention window film is the perfect solution for businesses of all kinds. Regardless of where your business is located, downtown areas, outdoor malls, entertainment areas, or anywhere that large crowds might accumulate. In some cases your insurance premiums might even be reduced by installing loss prevention window film along with your existing security system, making this a solid investment.

If you’re a home owner living in a neighborhood that has the need for added security, loss prevention film might be the perfect solution. Many home owners install security bars on the windows to prevent intruders from breaking in. This isn’t always an option because of neighborhood HOA regulations. By installing loss prevention window film you can sleep with the peace of mind that your windows are protected, without a constant view of security bars.

This type of window film is perfect for entertainment districts or college areas. Since there are several bars or restaurants grouped together, these areas are at a higher risk of vandalism and window damage.

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This video will give you fist hand experience of what this amazing film is capable of. Take a look at this amazing video below.