Before installing window film in your home or business, it’s a good idea to make the best choice in window film as well as window film companies.

The experts at Dallas Window Film install the highest quality window films in Ft. Worth and various other areas around Texas. We install residential as well as commercial window films and have a window film that will perfectly fit your needs.


Window Tinting Benefits

While you’ve probably already heard about the energy saving qualities of both residential and commercial window tinting, the benefits are even more far-reaching. Here’s some of the biggest reasons people choose to invest in our products:

Installing residential as well as commercial window film has several benefits, here are a few of the benefits in more detail:

    • Reduce Glare: If you have ever tried to watch TV with the glare from the sun, you know its impossible without closing the blinds. Installing glare reduction window film can fix this problem without having to close the blinds.
    • Add longevity to your HVAC unit: Installing energy efficient window film will reduce the need for your heating and cooling system, causing it to last longer that before.
    • Live More Comfortably: After installing energy efficient window film your home will maintain a comfortable temperature all year round. This means you won’t need to bundle up during the winter months, or feeling miserable in the heat during the summer.
    • Protection From UV Fading

Regular windows only protect floors and furniture from fading by 11%. Window film on the other hand can prevent 99% of the suns UV rays from fading your floors and furniture making window film a much better option.

No matter why you’re interested in window tinting, you can be sure that it will provide you with more benefits than simply saving you on your heating and cooling bills, although that’s still one of the biggest benefits!

Window film has many benefits over and above energy savings, making it the perfect home improvement option that takes care of many needs.


Experts in Residential and Commercial Applications

Window film is a great product for both residential as well as commercial applications. If you have any question regarding window film, or would like to set up a free on site consultation, don’t hesitate to contact us today.