Dallas is the shining gem of Texas and we are honored to be the leading source for window film in Dallas. Home to the Dallas Cowboys, Nasher Sculpture Center and the Sixth Floor Museum.  This rising Star of the  Lonestar state is growing rapidly and new buildings can be seen everywhere along its skyline.  Native Texans and new residents both know everything in Texas is bigger, Including the Texas sun.  That is why, window film and tinting products, like ours, for home, office, and car are an essential for comfortable living here in Dallas.   Take a look below to see more benefits of window tinting:

  • More Comfort: Keeping your home at a comfortable temperature without the added energy costs is easier with window film.
  • Reduced Glare: Window film reduces glare from the sun. This means there is no need to shut the blinds during the day just to watch TV or work on your computer.
  • UV Fade Protection: Floors and furniture can suffer greatly from the sun’s UV rays, causing them to fade and look old and tired. Window film can block 99% of these UV rays helping your furniture and floors last much longer without fading.
  • Less Maintenance: Since you won’t need to run your heating and cooling system as much to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home, you will save money on your HVAC maintenance costs.
  • Increased Energy Savings: Window film can save you up to 60% on your energy costs, making it a great investment that can pay for itself in as little as 2-5 years.