Do I need to install window film on my windows?
By installing window film you can keep your space more comfortable, as well as protect your floors and furnishings from the harsh UV rays from the sun.

If I already have treatments on the windows, why would I install window film?
UV fading can effect everything inside your home including curtains, drapes, blinds, and window treatments. You should install window film to protect these from fading in the sun.

Will installing window film make my windows dark?
Installing Vista window film won’t darken your window because its clear. Since there won’t be a need for window treatments, it might be even lighter in your home.

Will window film reduce heat from direct sunlight in my home?
Vista window film can block up to 75% of the suns heat.

Will window film reduce glare on my TV’s and computers on sunny days?
Yes, window film can reduce glare from the sun on TV’s and computers.

If a window breaks, what happens to my window film?
When a window breaks it normally shatters, spilling glass particles everywhere. Window film will actually hold the glass particles together keeping the window in place.

Can you install window film on windows with unusual shapes?
Any flat window can have Vista window film installed on it.

Will window film last a long time?
Vista window film installed by professional installers has a lifetime warranty that covers cracking, peeling, adhesive failure. (Restrictions and limitations apply. Please see Vista Window Film authorized dealers.)