Enerlogic makes a great choice for commercial window film, regardless of the application. Enerlogic has various shade options, and uses only the best possible technologies in window film, to bring you the best for your installation. Regardless of whether you are a homeowner, or a business owner, Dallas Window Film is here to help along the way.


Window film for hotels just makes sense when it comes to the benefits for your guests. Window film can reduce glare from the sun on TV’s, computer screens, as well as cell phones. If you have a hotel in the city where anyone can look into your rooms from the next building over, you might consider mirrored window film to provide greater privacy for your customers, without blocking the sunlight.

Since Enerlogic energy saving window film works all year round, keeping your hotel at a comfortable temperature is easy as well as cost effective. This type of window film blocks heat during the summer, and keeps heat in during the winter. Regardless of where your hotel is located, Enerlogic window film can keep your guests comfortable while saving you money on your energy costs.


Enerlogic energy saving window film can help save you money on your restaurant or retail business energy bills. Window film can pay for themselves within 2 to 5 years, making it one of the top investments around.

Some retail spaces are like large fish bowls with all of the exposed windows. This can make some people uncomfortable and might avoid your place of business altogether. By adding energy saving window film that has a little darker tint can not only save you on your energy costs, but also make your customers feel more comfortable in your store.

Regardless of what type of window film needs you have, Dallas Window Film can help. Our highly trained experts are always happy to answer any questions you have or set up free consultations at your location. If you have questions, give us a call today at Dallas Window Film.