Reduce glare on computers with glare reduction window film.

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Glare from the sun on your employees’ computers can cause their productivity to go down, costing you money. This is just one of the hazards of the technological age we live in. And of course, it is even more of an issue here in Dallas since we do get those 300 plus days of sunshine each and every year. Glare can cause eyestrain, frustration, and have your staff taking frequent breaks and complaining by the water cooler.

If the sun is beating right in on a computer monitor or other high tech device, it might be literally impossible to even read what’s on the screen. This can definitely cost you money. So what’s the solution? Do your employees need to wear polaroid sunglasses indoors? A much better solution is the installation of glare reducing window film.

Think of glare reduction window film as sunblock for your entire office space.

By adding glare reduction window film you can prevent glare from the sun and maintain a positive morale in your offices. You will reap various benefits from this product, for minimal cost. For starters, your workers will feel grateful and respected that you were willing to do something that could make a huge difference to their workday. And second, our glare reduction window film also cuts heat gain and heat loss, allowing you to save on your heating and cooling bills for many years to come.

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For yet another great benefit, along with cutting glare you are cutting the sun’s UV rays, which can cause a lot of damage in terms of fading to your expensive office furnishings. Imagine not having to replace your rugs, your artwork, or any upholstered furniture because it stays looking new and vibrant that much longer!

So it’s safe to say that glare reduction window film is a win-win for business owner and employee alike. How many things can you say that about?

At Dallas Window Film, we have a variety of glare reducing products you can consider. Unlike the tinting in your car, our products will only darken your windows as much as you choose. And they will allow you, your clients, and your staff to even better enjoy the view, without squinting, without getting furrows between your brows, without adding to your wrinkles.

The installation process is professional, neat, and quick. Using our experienced installers, each window will only take about 20 minutes (unless you have one of those modern offices with floor to ceiling windows, then it might take a bit longer) and we will be in and out with only the most minimal disruption to your office.

And then, you and your clients and staff can reap all the benefits.

Contact Dallas Window Film today to find out more about this affordable and practical investment, an investment that will improve quality of office life and save you money.