Modern Solutions For Modern Hazards

The security issues we face today aren’t always in plain view. That’s why extra safety measures are sometimes necessary for certain commercial and government buildings. A bomb blast can send shattered glass through the air like shrapnel, sometimes causing more damage to individuals than the explosion. That’s why there have been significant developments made to prevent this from happening. Bomb blast window film offers Dallas property owners a revolutionary solution for protecting property and people from explosions and blast hazards.

The technical name of the film we are talking about is fragment retention film (FRF). This window film has saved several lives at the Pentagon by preventing glass from shattering. You may have heard this type of film referred to as bomb-blast film, shatter resistant film, anti-shatter film, or blast resistant film. Regardless of what you call this film, its designed to save lives.

This type of film is designed with polyester that multi layered, transparent, and very strong. When tested to the federal standards of the DOD/GSA/USACE security criteria, bomb blast film has met or exceeded expectations. Once this film is installed there is no need for special treatment. The warranty also covers discoloration, cracking, and peeling.

Terrorism isn’t something that anyone likes to think about, however it has become a reality in our modern-day world. It’s difficult to tune into the global news without hearing about a bomb explosion or something related to building a bomb. That’s why bomb blast film is so important to commercial buildings that could become a target of this type of violence. Knowing that the windows on your building are protected from glass shrapnel will not only give you and your employees peace of mind, but also anyone you do business with.

Bomb blast film is a simple cost-effective solution to one aspect of a very large problem. This film can help prevent life loss and property damage in the event of an attack.

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Look at the two films in these videos. This will help you better understand how bomb blast film works. In the first video shows the devastating effects of a bomb blast against an ordinary window. The second window demonstrates how well bomb blast film protects the glass.