C-Bond Solution, Cutting-Edge Security for Your Entire Home or Business in Dallas

At Dallas Window Film, we believe that security should never be an issue for your family or business. That’s why we’re proud to offer the most innovative glass protecting product in the industry, C-Bond solution for Dallas homes and businesses. Created by scientists who specialize in nanotechnology, C-Bond is an invisible, water-based bonding agent that’s designed to increase the strength and resistance of glass surfaces, providing you with protection against even the most serious threats.

What is Nanotechnology?

Nanotechnology is the study of science, engineering, and technology conducted at the nanoscale, which is 1-100 nanometers. Scientists who specialize in nanotechnology focus on the engineering of functional systems at the molecular level.

How It Works

C-Bond nano technology is designed to strengthen existing windows and window film products. It does this by allowing ordinary glass to dissipate energy. Once applied, it reaches deep into the pores of glass and works by re-configuring the microscopic fibers of its structure to resemble a hybrid spider web framework.

Because the glass is optimized at a molecular level for increased strength, it becomes nearly impenetrable. And since it’s completely water-based, C-Bond is also a non-toxic and “green” product. For these reasons and more, we recommend C-Bond for Dallas buildings needing advanced, reliable security.

Scientifically Optimized for the Highest Level of Defense

The world we live in is full of random events. Therefore, keeping danger at bay is no easy task for a home or business owner in Dallas. C-Bond offers a solution for protecting your building and its occupants against:

Bomb blasts
Forced entry
Improvised explosive devices
Natural disasters

Traditional Security Window Film vs. C-Bond Solution

In the past, security window films have traditionally been applied on top of glass surfaces as an added layer of protection. New advances in science have allowed for the creation of a product that transforms the glass itself.

C-Bond works at a molecular level, altering the physical structure of glass to provide protection against even the most dangerous situations. It’s most commonly applied to buildings that face harsh natural weather or require a high level of safety and security such as government buildings, schools, airports, police and fire departments, and more.