HDClear Decorative Window Film Gives Dallas Businesses a Style Upgrade

Decorative window film is a lot more than just frosted styles and muted patterns. With HDClear, Dallas businesses can have one-of-a-kind custom films created with their own artwork, their own logo, in color as soft or as brilliant as they could possibly want.

In Dallas, HDClear custom decorative window film is available with translucent designs, frosted designs, opaque designs, and even designs that give a true 3D look, adding incredible depth to a flat piece of glass. This type of film is rapidly becoming the go-to product for architects, interior designers, builders, and all lovers of contemporary style and high-tech effects.

hdclear window film dallas

Benefits of HDClear Decorative Film for Dallas Commercial Properties

When it comes to decorative window film, Dallas businesses are using it for more than just windows. They are adding it to glass walls, glass cubicles, temporary construction walls, acrylic surfaces, and using it as a wall wrap for incredibly unique wall treatments.

Here are some of the other features of HDClear decorative window film, Dallas:

  • Environmentally friendly polyester polymer that can be recycled when removed or replaced.
  • Fully customizable for any artwork supplied by the client.
  • Contains 99% UV blocking properties to prevent interiors from fading
  • 16% solar energy rejection makes windows more thermally efficient.
  • The exterior is hard-coated with a special scratch resistant finish, which is easy to clean and warranted for ten years.
  • Proprietary design technique allows any image to be viewed from either side of the glass if desired
  • Available as a cling film that can be easily swapped out, changed, removed.
  • Also available as a security film, for an extra cost.

HDClear HDfrost Decorative Film

Frosted decorative film provides the look and feel of expensive, custom frosted glass at a fraction of the price. With HDClear, Dallas homes and businesses can take advantage of incredible frosted options.

  • Single-sided
  • Available in different transparencies
  • Custom frosted design

HDclear HDfrost Decorative Film Product Description

hdclear frosted decorative window film dallas
hdclear white custom decorative film dallas

HDClear HDwhite Decorative Film

With bold white ink, these custom decorative films utilize vibrant white graphics for elegant privacy solutions and decor. Perfect for both residential and commercial properties throughout Dallas.

  • Single-sided
  • Custom white frost printed decorative film
  • Available in both transparent and translucent options

HDclear HDwhite Decorative Film Product Description

HDClear HDfade Decorative Film

With highly customizable gradients, this decorative film option is the perfect privacy solution for your Dallas commercial property. With numerous design choices, property owners can enhance any existing space.

  • Single-sided
  • Available in different gradients and fades
  • Customizable fade/gradient directions
  • Customizable opacity and transparency

HDclear HDfade Decorative Film Product Description

hdfade decorative film custom fade privacy dallas
hdview one way decorative film dallas

HDClear HDview Decorative Film

Create incredible graphics that are only visible from one side while maintaining an optically clear view from the other! Great for businesses in any industry throughout Dallas.

  • HD printing available
  • Perfect or brand visibility, visual marketing, and promotions
  • Graphic only visible from exterior, maintaining clear views from the inside out

HDclear HDview Decorative Film Product Description

HDClear HDenhance Decorative Film

Life-like graphics provide an excellent marketing opportunity for Dallas retail displays. Enhanced high definition graphics are placed on optically clear film for eye-catching designs.

  • Truly clear polyester film
  • Full HD color printing process
  • Up to 6 color design layers to enhance graphic

HDclear HDenhance Decorative Film Product Description

hdenhance custom design decorative film dallas
hdlam decorative window film custom dallas

HDClear HDlam Decorative Film

This decorative film option is available for laminating for two-sided aesthetics. Great for Dallas office spaces and businesses looking for a permanent, long-term decorative film solution.

  • Available for laminating between two layers of glass
  • Polyester film provides optical clarity
  • HD printing available

HDclear HDlam Decorative Film Product Description

HDclear HDcling Decorative Film

For short-term campaigns, this temporary decorative film solution provides affordability and versatility. Perfect for retail and storefronts throughout the Dallas area.

  • Great for seasonal and regional promotions
  • Whiteboard options available for improved productivity
  • Affordable pricing

HDclear HDcling Decorative Film Product Description

hdcling short term decorative film dallas