Maximize Your Security with Window Film

Protecting your home, business, and valuables has never been easier with security window film. Dallas Window Film is proud to bring this remarkable innovation to the homes, schools, and businesses in the Dallas area.

Security window film is made of a nearly unbreakable polyester material. This material attaches to your windows holding your glass together.

If there is an attempted break in through a window surface, the polyester material will hold the glass together, preventing glass from flying all over your floors.

After failed attempts at breaking in, would be burglars will likely be discouraged. In addition to this there will be no broken glass to clean, and replacing the window will be a much cleaner process.

Some security windows films also come in tinted versions that can offer more privacy to certain areas of your home. If you have further questions one of our window film experts would be happy to help.


If you own a home with windows near the ground floor, security window film can give you the peace of mind that your home is protected. Some other reasons for investing in security window film in Dallas include:

  • Homes near or in neighborhoods of Dallas with high crime rates.
  • Vacation homes that are unoccupied during part of the year.
  • Nobody is home because of frequent travel.
  • Home is located in a neighborhood that is attractive to burglars.

If you already have an existing security system and would like to do more to protect your home and your family, security window film is a smart choice. Knowing that your home is protected even if someone threw a brick at your window to break in is great peace of mind.

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Commercial security film is essential for Dallas businesses, schools, and commercial buildings. It strengthens windows, providing an added layer of protection against break-ins, weather, and accidents. This clear, resilient film maintains natural light while enhancing safety and peace of mind. Upgrade your building’s security discreetly and effectively with our top-quality film.

Commercial Window Film
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Security window film has a wide range of benefits. Some of those include, possible lower insurance premiums, better energy efficiency, and damage prevention due to attempted break ins. This type of window film is a low cost security benefit that can be beneficial for any home or business.

If you would like to learn more about security window film or would like a free in home consultation, Contact Dallas Window Film today!

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