Window film for homes is often referred to as window tinting, which can confusing for many people. Window tinting brings to mind car window tint that can make things look dark or tinted like sunglasses. People also think that window film overtime will become scratched, peel, or bubble up. This is not the case with window film, otherwise nobody would invest in this type of product for their home.

Window film comes in many different types, styles, and levels of tint. Some are dark and reflective in nature, while others are near completely clear. These windows films bond directly with the window instead of with adhesive, making them a much stronger cleaner bond. This keeps them from bubbling or peeling.


Commercial window tinting comes in several different styles including energy savingUV fade protectionbomb blast protectionsecurity, and anti graffiti films. The shade of these films is relatively unimportant because of their functions. When it comes to residential window films, the less tint to the film the better. Because most people don’t want the view from their windows any darker, tinted window films are rarely used. Most of the window film installed is barely visible after installation.

Residential Film Commercial Film

Benefits of Window Film

People used to wonder why you would want to install window film in your home. After hearing how window film can save money on energy bills, they are starting to ask if they can install energy saving window film on their car windows. Think of how nice it would be to run your cars air conditioner less on a hot day. This would put much less stress on an already hot engine.

Dallas Window Film works with several different window films for different applications. We work with Vista, Enerlogic, and Lumar window films which have several different kinds of window film to choose from. If your not sure what kind of window film would work best for your situation, one of our experts can help figure out which film is best for you. During you free on site consultation we can give you an idea of your energy savings as well as how long before you can expect returns on your investment.

Benefits of Window Film