How to Prevent Bird Collisions With Window Film In Dallas

Bird/window collisions cause billions of needless avian deaths every year. They are ghastly to witness and are even affecting the environment. They cost high-rise buildings here in Dallas and around the world millions of dollars each year. Preventing these collisions is a benefit to both parties–buildings and birds. Knowing they need to be stopped, the next question is–what is the best way to stop them? Read below and find out!

US Fish and Wildlife Services Best Practices For Reducing Bird Collisions on Windows

Good: Installing Architectural Features to Reduce Bird Window Strikes

Building designers can call out features such as overhangs, shutters, louvers, mesh, and awnings on the architecture of buildings in an effort to reduce glass reflections and make windows more prominent. These types of designs also reduce a bird’s ability to see into the areas behind glass–stopping them from mistaking them as a place to fly into. But, this option is not only an expensive choice but not great for an existing building–it is best utilized for building new construction.

Better: Controlling Lighting to Avoid Bird Collisions

Eliminating, or at the very least, reducing unnecessary lighting is a simple way to reduce bird strikes with high rise windows. Another benefit of this approach is that it lowers energy costs for building owners too. However, the efficacy of this method depends on how invested every office or tenant in the building is to following these protocols. Also, since you can’t do much about sunlight causing reflections during the day, it is markedly more effective at night and does very little in the day. 

Best: Fritted Window Film for Stopping Bird Collision into Windows

The very best solution for reducing and possibly even eliminating bird collisions is window film. Films with a type pattern called “fritted” work best. This type of film has a small dotted pattern embedded in it in a gridlike pattern. This pattern is spaced based on scientific studies so that the birds will not try to fly through it. It allows the birds to see your highrise windows as solid objects rather than open sky. It is also a very cost-effective option that is nearly invisible to the human eye at normal distances. What is even better about these films is they can be easily retrofitted to any window.

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