How Dallas Businesses Can Boost Curb Appeal With Window Film

Does your commercial space or business need some modernizing? It’s important to keep up with appearances, especially for those with brick-and-mortar properties. In order for you to really make the best impression to customers, guests, and employees, prioritizing the look and feel of your building is a must. While there are a lot of ways to go about this, one of the favorites among commercial property owners is window film. Here are different ways that your Dallas businesses can boost curb appeal with window film.

The Benefits of Commercial Window Film for Your Dallas Business

  • Exterior resurfacing: If you’re looking for affordable ways to give your building a makeover, exterior resurfacing is a great option to consider. This incorporates installing exterior window film with spandrel painting in order to give your property a modern look. Enjoy a more affordable alternative to window replacement that effectively conceals outdated and damaged windows. With quicker installations, you’ll also have less labor needs and minimized operational downtime.
  • Interior resurfacing: It can cost a lot of money to renovate the interior of your building too. For those looking to improve decor and interior design, interior resurfacing is a wonderful, affordable alternative. These vinyl films are available in over 100 different designs from 3M and can be applied to any non-porous, smooth surface. From ceilings to existing surfaces, you can transform your property quickly. 3M DI-NOC is a versatile product that can be used both in short-term and long-term projects, giving property owners different ways to boost design needs.

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