One Way Mirror Glass vs. Film in Dallas

One Way Mirror Glass vs. Film in Dallas

One way mirrors offer homes and businesses in Dallas a unique form of privacy. You can get one-way mirrors either with specially-manufactured glass or with a unique, affordable film. So what are the key differences between the two?

One Way Mirror Glass

With a large amount of reflective material, one-way mirror glass was originally known as “transparent mirror.” Depending on which side of the glass you’re on, you can see clearly through it. In order to be most effective, one side of the mirror must be twice as bright as the other side.

One way mirror glass is a durable, specially-manufactured surface that won’t peel, fade, or scratch. Because of this, it can be awfully expensive, difficult to find, and tricky to install. Installation requires inspection of the home or office space to ensure that the lighting requirements are appropriate for the glass. Your current windows will need to be completely replaced If you want this type of glass, even if they are in perfect condition.

Despite the higher cost and trickier installation, one-way mirror glass can be the right option for some homes and businesses.

One Way Mirror Film For Glass Applications

One way mirror film is a tinted and reflective add on to almost any glass surface. Like the one-way mirror glass, this unique film also requires one side of the mirror to be brighter than the other to be the most effective privacy solution.

The installation for one way mirror film is simple and it can be applied to existing glass windows – no need to replace them if they’re already in good condition! The film is a more convenient and affordable privacy solution for homes and offices. In order to install one-way mirror film, we only need to measure the current windows and cut the film to the correct size. Even if the mirror film is scratched or damaged, there’s no need to replace the entire window. Unlike one-way mirror glass, the film can be easily removed and replaced in a short visit.

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