How Window Tinting Can Save Your Dallas Home & Furniture from Fading

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Have you ever left a beach towel or t-shirt out in the sun for too long and noticed it almost looked like it had been bleached? That’s because too much exposure to sunlight can cause fading to colors in fabrics, dyes, paint, and other materials. The trouble is, this effect doesn’t only happen outside. It occurs inside too when sunlight enters the windows of your home.

Intense Heat Can Seriously Damage Your Furniture

Intense exposure to heat and humidity affects the furniture, upholstery, artwork, flooring, and fabrics inside your home. Too much heat can cause surfaces to expand and contract, which results in flaking paint, warping, fading, cracks, and deterioration.

A Solution to Faded Furniture: Window Tinting

Luckily, there’s a way to stop sunlight from fading the furniture, flooring, artwork, and other surfaces in your home: window film. With window tinting, your Dallas home can stay protected all year long from harmful UV rays. This keeps your furniture looking vibrant and newer for a longer period of time.

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How Window Tinting Protects Your Furniture and Home

Solar blocking and heat reduction window film works to counteract the negative effects caused by harsh sunlight. Window film blocks 99.9% of harmful UV rays that are responsible for faded and heat damaged furniture.

Scientifically Engineered to Block Harmful UV Rays

Window film is constructed of highly durable polyester and metalized coatings that are held together by extremely strong adhesives. It is applied to glass surfaces to control the amount of heat entering and building and block out harmful rays of light. When the sunlight hits your windows, it prevents UV rays from entering your building and regulates the type and amount of heat entering and leaving your home.

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How UV Rays from the Sun Cause Colors to Fade

The answer to this question lies in understanding the chemistry behind the situation. The scientific term for fading of color is called photodegradation. Photodegradation occurs when UV rays from the sun come into contact with your furniture and break down the molecular bonds that are responsible for creating visible color. This creates an effect of a faded or bleached appearance in fabrics, upholstery, paint, and other surfaces.

Protect Your Home & Furniture with Window Tinting in Dallas

Want to save your furniture from fading and heat damage? Dallas Window Film offers a wide range of solar control and heat reduction window films to help protect your home. Call us today to get more information about our products and installation services.