How Window Tinting Can Make Your Dallas Home More Comfortable This Summer

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With temperatures reaching into the high 80’s this week, it’s easy to see that summer is about to hit Dallas in full force. It won’t be long before the city reaches its usually peak of 100-plus degree days. But homeowners may be happy to know that there’s now an easy and affordable solution for warding off the summer heat. Window tinting can keep your Dallas home cool and comfortable this summer and lower your cooling costs.

Summers days in Dallas bring unwanted heat and expenses.

Let’s face it. While summer activities may be fun, there are just some days that get too hot to do anything outdoors. And in Dallas, the problem doesn’t stop there. The sun can get so intense that even retreating inside doesn’t work because your home can be uncomfortably hot and stuffy. And even if you do decide to crank up the AC, there’s a good chance that your HVAC system won’t be able to keep up. The result: expensive energy bills and high interior temperatures.

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The solution? Window tinting.

While there may be little you can do about the temperature outside, you can still control what happens in your own home. By installing window tinting, you can make your Dallas home and family much more comfortable this summer. Window tinting filters the sun coming in through your windows prevents infrared heat from entering your home and heating up the interior. It can increase the efficiency of your HVAC system and lower your cooling costs by up to 15%. Many homeowners find that when they have their windows tinted, they save so much on energy costs that their investment pays for itself in 3 years or less.

Beat the Heat with Window Tinting for Your Dallas Home

Don’t sweat summer energy costs. Call us today to have window tinting installed for your Dallas home. We’ll help you find the perfect window film to improve the comfort of your home and lower your energy costs. Call now to schedule an appointment.