Improve ROI With Window Film For Your Dallas Commercial Property.

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The Benefits Of Window Tint For Your Dallas Commercial Property

Buying a commercial property is a big investment. It is very much unlike residential property ownership, in that you have to worry about so many different aspects of protection for yourself, your tenants and the property itself. A major player in the commercial building improvement field is window film. This seemingly small addition adds up to big protection and savings in the long run and costs relatively little to add on to your existing window structure. If you own a commercial property in the Dallas, Texas area here are some reasons for you to add window film or tint to your commercial property to help you get the very best ROI.

Lowers Energy Costs: Installing window film is one of the easiest and most cost efficient ways to keep your heating and cooling bills down. Window film acts as insulation to keep heat inside during the winter and outside during the summer. Heating and cooling bills drop dramatically after window film is installed, meaning the investment pays for itself in a relatively short amount of time.

Improves Comfort: There are hot and cold spots in any building. Anyone who has ever sat by a window knows the discomfort of a glare or a draft caused by the glass. Sunlight Redirecting Films can help increase the penetration of the sun rays into the building while significantly decreasing glares and drafts.

Increases Tenant Retention: Finding long term tenants can be difficult and the turnover is especially high in commercial buildings. Keeping good tenants is good for profits which are why increasing the quality of your buildings environment is key for making you money. Window tints normalize the temperature of buildings and keep the sun off of your tenants and the glare off their device screens. Studies show commercial buildings equipped with window film have higher retention rates than those without, making a compelling case for considering commercial window tint on your building.

Dallas Window Film For Your Commerical Window Film Needs

Window Film is a relatively low-cost improvement for your commercial building that can help you make more money off of your investment. However, poor installation can result in chipping, cracking or peeling film that needs to be replaced soon after application. Experience is a key factor in a window film partner. At Dallas Window Film we have over a decade of experience installing window tint and film in the Metro Dallas area. We use only the finest materials like 3M, Llumar, C-bond and Vista Films for our applications and the quality difference shows. Contact us today for a free consultation and see the difference experience makes!