Protect your car from chips

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Who hasn’t admired the deep, glossy finish on a new car and wished they could keep that finish for all the years they will own the car? Who hasn’t bemoaned the fact that the car starts depreciating in value the second you drive it off the dealer’s lot? And who hasn’t been sad to see those first scratches and scuffs and dings appearing in your no-longer-new vehicle’s formerly shining finish? With car paint protection film, you can protect your car from those aforementioned scratches, scuffs, dings, and chips.

Car paint protection film is an affordable product that is the perfect alternative to those vinyl “bras” that have been so popular on the front ends of cars in the last couple of decades. Unlike the vinyl bra, this film is barely noticeable once you have it installed. The vehicle can still be washed and waxed exactly as it could before. But the film, made of a tough and durable urethane, acts as a barrier to all the things that would seek to destroy your car’s finish.

Road debris, especially little pebbles or bits of glass thrown up by passing traffic, is one of the worst offenders to your car’s shining finish. Over time, they will scratch and chip it, bit by bit. Insects that fly into the car and get embedded on the hood, in the front grill, or on the fenders are another finish destroying culprit, as they are sticky and difficult to remove with just a hose down or drive through car wash. Who wouldn’t want car paint protection from swarms of those annoying bugs that seem to spring up out of nowhere during certain times of the year?

Dallas auto window film

If you do get a chip in your car’s paint, that leaves it open for rust to start forming, and nothing will ruin the look (not to mention the resale value) of your car faster than rust!

The car paint protection window film protects the whole front end of your vehicle from any of this damage. When removed, your finish will look as beautiful as it did the day the film was applied. Imagine what this can do for the resale value of the vehicle? After all, the finish is one of the first things a prospective buyer sees, and that first impression will color how much he or she believes the car to be worth. Beautiful unscratched paint jobs make the vehicle look newer and much more valuable.

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