Protect your car’s paint from eroding

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Are you aware that there is a film that can provide erosion protection for your vehicle’s paint and top coat? Perhaps you were unaware that you needed any erosion protection.

We are all aware that our vehicles start to depreciate as soon as they drive off the dealer’s lot. Not much we can do about that. But if you have ever sold a used car, you know that there is a range of value for it, depending on what kind of condition it is in when you go to sell it along with how many miles you have put on it.

We can’t help you with the mileage, but our paint protection film can help you with getting a higher value. And it can keep your car’s finish looking much newer and more beautiful all the years you own it. Erosion protection is one part of what our paint protection film does.

But exactly what erosion are we protecting your car’s finish from? Let’s start with acid rain. This is a real phenomenon that can take its toll on your car’s glossy finish. The erosion protection of our urethane, self-healing film will nip this problem in the bud. Because the acid rain will not eve reach your paint job.

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When it comes to erosion protection, your vehicle’s paint job is also at risk from road chemicals like tars and asphalt. De-icers or other wintertime chemicals. The corrosiveness of sand and salt. And how about tree sap or the acidic corpses of dead and decaying insects that splatter all over your front end while you drive? Our paint protection film blocks all of those things as well.

The erosion protection of paint protection car film is so complete, if you remove it you will find your paint job as glossy and perfect as the day the film was installed.

There’s a whole other category of hazards that erode your vehicle’s finish, and from which you require serious erosion protection. Those are the flying objects like pebbles, sharp stones, bits of flying glass, branches, road debris, and anything else that can strike your car as you are moving at high speeds. These items can really wreak havoc on a car or truck’s front end. Scratches and chips can be the unsightly result. All of these things will not only make a vehicle look older, they will lower its value as well.

For more information on the erosion protection your vehicle can receive with paint protection car film, please contact us today at Dallas Window Film. We can answer any questions and offer a quote for a car film or window film job.