Protect your windows

With the installation of security window film, Dallas homeowners and business owners can breathe a sigh of relief. No matter how good a security system is, windows are still glass and glass is still easily breakable. This creates a security risk.

There are various options, depending on whether you want more security for your home or for a commercial building. For instance, you could add metal bars or grates to your Dallas business. This effectively secures your windows but gives a rather forbidding, prison-like appearance. With security window film, Dallas businesses can leave their windows alone, no unsightly metal bars, but still prevent the windows from being used for a burglary or smash and grab.

You might think your existing security system is enough. After all, your doors and windows are alarmed. But even with an alarm blaring, or a silent alarm that sends the police, a determined burglar can still get inside, snatch valuable belongings or merchandise, and be gone before the authorities arrive.

Here’s how security window film works to protect your windows. It’s quite simple. The film is installed to the existing glass. It contains a high-strength polyester mesh that will hold the window together in the frame, even if someone attempts to smash through. This gives you a couple of different benefits. Obviously, thwarting the intruder is the first one. But because the glass will hold together whether it’s hit with a boot, a bat, or even a flying baseball, there will be no danger of someone being injured by flying glass. And no dangerous mess of glass shards to clean up either.

Dallas Window Film security123-150x150

Security window film, Dallas residents are realizing, is the practical and affordable way to ensure that no one will enter your premises by breaking a window.

Along with this type of security window film, Dallas homes and businesses might want to investigate two even stronger types. There is another window film that can be added to your glass that will make it virtually shatterproof. Don’t believe us?

Check out this astonishing YouTube video by our security window film Dallas supplier, Llumar:
For commercial clients who might need something even more powerful on their windows, for instance energy labs, chemical labs, or any other type of industries where there is a risk of explosion, our bomb blast window film can save property and lives.

Is security on your mind? With any of our security window films, Dallas residents can have the peace of mind they are looking for at an affordable cost. We believe if one of these films stops one intruder, saves one life, or even saves you one giant headache in the form of shattered glass all over your floor, it will be well worth it. So why not give us a call today?