Taming The Sun: The Winter Benefits Of Tinting The Windows On Your Dallas Home


Natural sunlight is a good thing in a home, right? Well, yes and no. While it offers plenty of positives benefits, including a higher quality of life, there are also several downsides to letting the light shine in, one of which is losing heat in the winter through the very windows that let in that light. One solution to keeping the much needed natural light yet reducing the heat loss in your home is residential window tinting. Window tinting allows the air, warm or cool to stay inside your home and not leech out your windows, ultimately increasing the comfort and efficiency of your home.

Window Tinting Keeps The Heat In Your Dallas Home

During the winter months, ordinary glass lets the heat from your furnace penetrate through your windows, to leave your home, and like your father probably used to say- “heat the outside”. In fact, anywhere from 25% to as high as 40% of your hot air escapes through your windows; air you paid to heat. This inside to outside heat exchange also lets cold air in, forcing your furnace to work harder to keep you warm. The insulating qualities of window tinting can improve home efficiency and trap in heat and keep cold air out, saving you a significant amount of money. You will get all the benefits of double and triple paned windows for a fraction of the price of new windows.

Dallas Window Film: Dallas’ Expert in Window Film Installation

Improperly installed window film can bubble, chip, peel, and crack in a short period of time. Properly done window tinting should look like part of the glass, stretching all the way to the very edge of the glass. If you get a second rate installer, it is almost a guarantee you will not the get the quality installation for your tinted windows to make them look good and last a long time. At Dallas Window Tinting all of our installers are experts in their field. Since our installers are also certified by the products they install, their work is guaranteed. When you buy window tinting from us you buy not only superior quality and service but also peace of mind.

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