How Window Film Can Help Dallas Businesses with Mirror Restoration & Remove Graffiti

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Mirrors are very fragile by nature. Most mirrors are made of a piece of high quality glass that is placed over a thin sheet of aluminum or silver. While mirrors may look and feel hard, they are actually a somewhat soft material. It doesn’t take much force to scratch a mirror or carve markings into its surface. Mirrors can also be damaged by corrosion. This is extremely common for mirrors in restroom or locker areas.

Once a mirror has been damaged with scratching or permanent marker, no amount of cleaning will completely restore it to its beautiful appearance. The owner has a few options of what they can do. They can replace the mirror or have it restored. Unfortunately, both of these options can be pricey depending on the extent of the damage and the size of the mirror. Fortunately, there’s a third option. By installing anti graffiti window film, Dallas building owners can affordably repair damages, remove all signs of graffiti, and restore their mirror to its original clean and shiny appearance.

How Window Film Can Repair a Damaged Mirror

You may be wondering, how can window film possibly be used to fix a damaged mirror? After all, window film is the material you put on your car to block out the sun, right? Well, yes and no. While this is certainly true, there are many other types of window films besides automotive tint and they all do different things.

The type of window film that’s used for graffiti removal and mirror repair is called surface window film. Surface window films are installed on hard surfaces, like glass, mirror, and metal to protect the area from graffiti and cover up marks and scratches. They are made of tiny metal particles that are combined with a high grade polyester, and are adhesive on one side. They look exactly like real mirrors, except they’re much more affordable.

The film can be used to cover up a wide array of damages, including marker, spray paint, corroded edges, and scratches. Once in place, you don’t have to worry about your mirror being damaged – the film will protect it. If the film is ever ruined in anyway, you can simply replace it.

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Who Benefits From Mirror Shield?

Mirror Shield is especially useful for public areas, since this is where vandalism most often occurs. Some of the buildings in Dallas that can benefit from Mirror Shield include:
-Schools, colleges, and unversities
-Hospitals and healthcare
-Office buildings
-Retail stores
Hotels and restaurants

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