Window film for privacy and light


Here’s the problem: you want more privacy for your office, your storefront, your salon or restaurant, or perhaps even some of your windows at home. But, you don’t want to block too much of the natural light that comes through those windows.

With the installation of privacy window film, Dallas homes, offices, and any kind of commercial space can get the privacy they are seeking, still let in the light. And depending on the type of privacy window film you choose, you can even add some style and chicness that might transform your space.

Privacy window film, Dallas business owners are discovering, is not just for exterior windows. These days, many modern malls, office buildings, and other commercial spaces are using more and more glass. Glass walls, glass dividers, large glass doors. All great for letting in light, letting the light flow, and making the space appear more . . . well, spacious.

But all that glass leads to very little privacy. If you are thinking of adding some type of privacy window film, Dallas Window Film has a wide array of choices. You could add a film with a mirrored appearance on the outside, which would still let in light but prevent anyone from seeing inside. And you would create a modern, chic appearance to the outside of the building. Think mirrored shades and you will get the idea.


Or you could add a window film that has the appearance of etched glass or painted glass. This can be a solid frosted window in white or colors, or it can have a pattern to it. This type of privacy window film, Dallas clients tell us, adds a sophisticated and stylish look that makes over their space for a very affordable cost and adds the privacy they are looking for.

Many of our privacy window films are also very decorative and stylish. Click here to see some ideas as to how a decorative privacy window film can look.

With privacy window films, Dallas customers have a product that is affordable, long lasting, does not require any maintenance, and will not peel or bubble because it is actually bonded to your existing glass windows, doors, walls, or partitions.

Dallas Window Film has over a decade of experience installing window films of all kinds to Dallas residences and businesses. Our full line includes energy saving window film, anti-graffiti window film, security or loss prevention window film, even a bomb-blast window film. All of our products are top of the line and high performing.

For more information or a quote for privacy window film, Dallas or across the state of Texas, we hope you will contact us today.