Window Film for privacy, as well as other benefits.

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With privacy window film, Dallas homes, offices and other commercial spaces can get the privacy they are looking for at a very affordable cost. Our privacy window films have the look of frosted, pebbled, or etched glass at a lower cost, and they can be installed to your existing windows. No need for any expensive replacement windows.

Why might a home or commercial space want more privacy? Here are some examples of situations where privacy window film, Dallas customers are realizing, is the perfect solution.

1. The entryway to a home: perhaps you don’t want anyone seeing in through your sidelights. You don’t want them to know if anyone is home. You don’t want them peering in when you aren’t home. Adding privacy window film solves that issue nicely, while still letting in light through your sidelights. And it can have other benefits, which we will get to in a minute.

2. Bathroom windows: sure, they should have been done with frosted glass in the first place. But if they weren’t, adding privacy window film is the perfect quick fix. You will breathe easier with privacy window film, Dallas, in your bathroom windows whether residential or commercial.

3. Glass office doors and walls: you might not want passersby looking in. You might want to create a more private feeling for clients, customers, staff, and yourself. Adding privacy window film can not just add the privacy but it can add a whole new chic look to the premises. But more about that in a minute.


4. Storefront businesses: do you have a medical office, a spa, a salon, where your clients might not want people in the street looking in? Privacy window film to the rescue.

So as you can see, there are many situations that might require privacy window film, Dallas!

However, we mentioned other benefits, so let’s get to them. Did you know that privacy window films can come in a mirrored style, to add a touch of modern elegance to your building? From the inside, they will look like ordinary windows. From the outside, the chic mirrored appearance that doesn’t allow anyone to see inside. Kind of like mirrored sunglasses!

We also have a whole line of decorative window films that add not just privacy but color, pattern, texture, style. They will literally make over a room in an instant. Click here to see some of the selections, which run from patterns and colors to bamboo or polka dots! Scroll down the page to see our virtual window film designer.

So when it comes to privacy window film, Dallas and the surrounding areas, you have many choices. Each one will give your home or business a completely different look and feel, but most important they will add the privacy you are looking for at a price you’ll appreciate.