Our Guide to Understanding the Benefits of Window Film and Energy Audits in Dallas

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Every year, home and business owners across the country waste hundreds of dollar on lost energy. The U.S. Department of energy estimate that nearly 75% of the windows in buildings around the country are not energy efficient. Without insulation, heat passes easily through glass, increasing hvac run times and creating discomfort. Data from energy audits has proved that energy efficient window film can help Dallas home and business owners save money on energy costs and improve the energy efficiency of their building. Here’s how.

What Is an Energy Audit?

An energy audit is an assessment conducted to determine the energy efficiency of a building and what steps are needed to make improvement. A professional energy audit involves determining how much energy a building consumes, what problems are causing high energy use, and what steps the property owner can take to remedy the situation. The US Department of Energy recommends having an energy audit conducted by a professional to obtain the best results, though DIY methods can be found online.

Window Film & Energy Audits

Once you’ve had an energy audit completed, you should have a report finding. This report should include recommendations for energy saving methods, the amount that you can expect to save from making these changes, and how much they will cost. Oftentimes, among the list of recommendations will be to install energy saving window film.

Data shows that energy saving window film can help Dallas property owners save anywhere from 15-30% on energy costs. Over the course of several years, this amount can quickly add up to thousands of dollars saved, especially for a large home or commercial property.

Learn More About the Benefits of Window Film

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