3 Reasons to Install Security Window Film In Dallas Businesses

If you own a business here in Dallas you know just how hard it is. Whether it is a retail store, art gallery, restaurant, or any other brick and mortar–the challenges are constant and ubiquitous. From payroll to insurance and scheduling and to ordering– you have a lot on your plate. Another concern–keeping your employees and patrons safe from harm. And, in commercial spaces–one of the biggest threats to the safety of anyone in your space is your windows, for a variety of reasons. One way to shore up this weakness in your security and a potential threat to safety is with window film. Not only does it serve to protect but will also give you peace of mind and give you time to focus on more pressing business concerns.

How Window Film Increases Safety in Dallas Commercial Spaces

Security window film works by turning regular plate glass into tempered glass. Should the window be broken the film will keep glass shards adhered to specialty security window film and it protects from other types of dangers as well.

Security Window Film Protects Businesses from Theft

Windows treated with safety window film will shatter when struck but the glass will stay stuck to the film. This means an intruder will need to work very hard (use multiple strikes) to penetrate the glass. Even after a hole in the security glass is made the assailant will need to pull and pry the shattered glass remnants to get in. Crimes like these, smash and grabs, are a crime of convenience. Meaning, intruders will likely move on rather than risk getting caught working to get in.

Security Window Film Offers UV Protection

While security window film is a powerful method to keep out thieves–it works just as well at stopping UV rays. Security films block 99.9% of harmful UV rays, protecting your employees from skin and eye disease, headaches, and glare. This means your workplace is a safer environment for both customers and workers. It also stops UV rays from deteriorating your merchandise and furnishings–saving you money on replacements.

Security Window Film Protects from Bullet and/or Bomb Attack

Attacks from gunmen and bombs are not common but are incredibly tragic when they occur. If you are concerned about your Dallas area business being a target for such violence–safety and security window film (along with specialty window framing) should be a consideration. When paired with specialty frames and C-bond adhesive these films are strong enough to stop most caliber bullets and even a bomb. It is a powerful technology specifically designed to protect your staff and customers from attacks of this nature. The goal of these films is to delay an intruder long enough for those inside to escape and hide and to give more seconds of safety before authorities arrive.

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