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Security window film, Dallas residents will be pleased to hear, is an affordable way of adding more security, more protection, and more peace of mind. Many of our Dallas clients already have a security system of some kind protecting their homes. It might include alarms on the windows.

But the fact is, alarmed or not, windows can still be broken. Intruders can still get in through your windows. And if there is a silent alarm, the intruder might not even realize it and be trashing your house looking for valuables before the police or the security company ever show up.

With the simple and affordable installation of security window film, Dallas homeowners can prevent this scenario. But let’s look at another scenario, one we’ve all seen a hundred times on television. Someone wants to break into your house. They come to the back or side door, break a pane of glass, reach in and unlock the door. And yet one more scenario… your kids are playing softball in the back yard or in the street. A hit goes high and wide, right into your front window. Glass flies everywhere.

In all these situations, you’ll have a big broken glass mess to clean up, which is time consuming and can even be dangerous. But with security window film, Dallas homeowners face an entirely different scenario.

Dallas window film security

No matter what hits the window, a fist, a brick, a flying ball, or even a tree branch downed in a storm, the glass will not fly all over the place. Instead, it will stay firmly held within the window frame by the security film. Security window film, Dallas customers tell us, is the greatest thing for peace of mind since the invention of the lock.

The type of security window film Dallas customers purchase is a thin film with a strong polyester mesh embedded in it. This mesh is nearly imperceptible to the eye after installation, and clients tell us they can barely notice it. But it is super tough and acts to hold the glass together regardless of what has attempted to smash it.

Thwart burglars and vandals and home invasion type criminals with security window film, Dallas, and sleep more peacefully at night. They will not get into your premises through trying to smash your windows.

Here at Dallas Window Film, we offer a full line of window film products with a variety of different benefits, including energy saving window film, privacy window film, decorative window film, and more. For more information about our top of the line security window film, Dallas and the surrounding metropolitan area, please contact us today by phone or using our online form.