Security window film can protect your home.

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If you’re like most homeowner, your home is one of the biggest investments you will ever make in your lifetime. Protecting your home from vandalism and burglars is a top priority. In some Dallas neighborhoods, this is much more important than in others, but regardless of where you life, you need peace of mind about your home’s security. And that’s where security window film comes in.

You might have a security system installed, however thieves could easily be in and out of your home before help arrived. It’s a simple matter of breaking a window, unlatching it, and climbing in. No matter how great your front and other door locks are, if your windows are unprotected, your home is unprotected. Security window film is a state-of-the-art product that removes the possibility of a thief or home invader getting into your home, your castle, via your windows.

Installing security window film can prevent thieves from entering your home in the first place. This affordable product is bonded to the inside of your windows, right to the existing glass. There is more than one type of security film on the market, depending on your needs. They work in different ways.

Dallas window film security

The main type creates an impact resistant barrier on your windows that prevents the glass from shattering and falling out, even when hit with a brick or a bat. To be more accurate, the glass might shatter, but it will still be held in place in the window by the security film, and the intruder will be denied entry. The other benefit is that instead of having to clean up shards of glass for days on end, there will be no dangerous mess, because the shards will all hold together in the window frame, until an expert comes along and replaces your window.

There are also heavier duty security window films that provide so much strength and stability to the glass, neither a bat nor a hammer not a flying brick can cause them to shatter.

The product we are discussing is completely different from the energy saving window films many people are familiar with. Do not think that if you install energy saving window films to cut down on your heating or cooling costs, it will have the same anti-shattering benefits. This is a specialty product.

If security is on your mind and you want the best, most cost effective, hassle free solution, you would be well advised to consider security window film. Give us a call today at Dallas Window Film to discuss which product is right for your home protection needs. We look forward to doing business with you.