Window Film In Place Of Tempered Glass For Your Home Remodel

window film for shatter proof glass

Security Window Film Makes Remodels Easier

There are so many great old homes in Dallas.   And don’t think nobody has noticed.  That’s right vintage home restoration is at an all time high right now, especially with the influx of new home buyers to the Dallas area. While renovations look amazing they are incredibly difficult and can be extremely expensive and as a contractor you know that better than anyone else.. Not only is it difficult to recreate the antique style from a long time, on-time and within budget–you also need to take into account all the building codes that need to be updated.  One of these codes is the requirement for tempered glass.  At Window Film Dallas, we understand how hard this particular aspect of vintage home remodeling can be and what a drain on human and monetary resources it is.  This is why we offer a solution to the expensive task of making the glass fixtures in old home shatterproof- and that solution is security window film.

Security Window Film In Place Of Tempered Glass

As a contractor, you know more than anyone that, many if not all of the glass features in a vintage home are not shatterproof and therefore not up to code. For good reasons, building codes in this day and age require tempered glass in places like bathrooms, stair cases, balconies.  What you may not know is there are other areas like that are less obvious that require tempered glass.  These areas are called “hazardous areas” like windows along stairs and at the end of each landing.  Replacing the glass in any house is difficult but especially so in older homes.   Beyond the obvious work, it is to remove old windows, is the cost of tempered glass is very high.   Often times the owners of these older homes do not want the original glass removed either. The answer to all of these problems can be found in security window film application in lieu of tempered glass.  Window film is a lot cheaper and drastically less time-consuming.  Most importantly, security window film is approved to use when codes require shatterproof glass for windows in “hazardous areas”.  

If you are a contractor or vintage homeowner in the Dallas area and are looking into security window film instead of window replacement for building code adherence, contact us today!