Window Tinting Can Secure Your Dallas Building from Intruders and Attacks

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According to Texas Gun Sense, over 3,200 gun related fatalities occur in the state of Texas each year. Oftentimes these cases have no specific origin, but occur randomly without rhyme or reason. While gun violence may be unpredictable, it’s not totally unpreventable. Window tinting can protect your Dallas building and those inside from intruders, attacks, and potentially life threatening situations.

Gun violence is a serious issue.

Being in a building that has been broken into by an armed intruder is undoubtedly one of the most serious and frightening scenarios that anyone could ever encounter. Gun carriers are often emotional and unpredictable and there’s really no way to know exactly what they’re going to do or who they may hurt. And to make matters worse, in 2016, Dallas had the highest murder rate it had experienced in nine years.

And the most common way that intruders break into these buildings? Through the windows of course. Unprotected single pane glass can easily be broken with one strong blow. All one has to do to gain entry is carry a sharp or heavy object like a crowbar, axe, or hammer. And the sad thing is, almost all buildings are built with single pane windows. So crime rates in Dallas are up. And our schools, homes, and workplaces are more vulnerable than ever.

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Security Window Tinting

What can be done to remedy this situation, you may ask? Window tinting offers a way to make your building safer and more secure. Security window film is applied to your windows to make them stronger and more resistant to breaking. And if the glass does get smashed, window film will hold the individual shards in place, preventing the intruder from getting inside. Dallas buildings of all types and sizes can benefit from security window tinting. Security window tint is a smart solution for Dallas schools, government buildings, transit systems, offices, hospitals, banks, and more.

Install Security Window Tinting for Your Dallas Building

Act now before a worse case scenario presents itself. Contact Dallas Window Film to have security window tinting installed for your Dallas building. Call now to schedule an appointment or get more information.