Protect Your Family From The Harmful Rays Of The Intense Dallas Sun With Window Tinting

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How Window Tinting Keeps Your Family Safe From The Harmful Rays Of The Sun With SPF 1000

In Dallas, keeping your family safe from the harmful rays of the sun can be extremely difficult.  As you probably know, everything here in Texas is bigger and that even applies to the unrelenting sun.  Most of us know now that sunglasses and sunscreen are a necessity. However, what about when it comes to stopping harmful UV rays from penetrating house and onto your skin?  Since more and more studies are showing that people in their homes are not as protected at all from the sun–window tinting in Dallas is a good idea.   At Dallas Window Film we often talk about how our window tints are an SPF 1000–giving you 99.9% protection from the UV, UVB and UVA rays of the sun.  So to help you better understand what this means to you in your Dallas home, we thought it fitting to speak to what this number is based on below.  

How SPF 1000 For Window Tinting Is Calculated

When we speak of 1000 SPF from window tinting, how it is calculated is not only important but further illustrates why window tinting is so effective.   SPF protection numbers are based on biological tests done on the human skin.  Basically, it measures how long it takes untreated skin to burn– so it is  UVB based because UVA is not something that causes sunburns to the skin.  When it comes down to it it is a calculation expressing how much longer one can be exposed to the sun without burning. Since window tinting allows in almost no invisible sun rays the number equivalent for SPF from window film is extremely high. With window film only .01 of the sun’s rays are actually allowed–meaning very little ability to do damage.  So based on percentages we can work up to what an SPF 1000 means.  With 1.5% UV transmission, the SPF would be 66.66. With a UV transmission of 2%, the SPF would be 50.  Finally, a window tint with a 99.9% UV block, like the ones we carry at Dallas Window Film would have an SPF of 1000 or more. (Simply divide 100 by the percentage of UV transmission and you would have the SPF number.)

Dallas Window Film For  Application Of UVB/UVA/UV Blocking Window Tinting To Your Dallas Home

For you as a Dallas homeowner, an SPF 1000 window ting means you, your family and your home furnishings are almost nearly 100%  protected from the harmful rays.  In fact–almost none of the harmful rays ever hit your skin and that right there is a good enough reason as any to have window tinting installed on your Dallas home.

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