Birdstrike Window Film: Do it for the birds!

Data suggests that every year an estimated 1 billion birds are killed by collisions into man-made objects. Foremost among thee? Glass windows on buildings. Since birds view the world much differently than humans, the birds simply cannot see the window. During the day they mistake reflections of open-air–seeing the reflection of trees as the real thing. At night, the glare of glass, especially on highrises confuse them. These types of events happen all time here in a city as big as Fort Worth and other big cities across the US too. The issue is, birds are disappearing at an alarming rate due to the advent of this mortality type.

Bird Strikes Disportionately Occur with Migratory Birds

As mentioned, during the day birdstrikes happen frequently and it is typically birds that live and breed in the area. However, one of the biggest problems for migratory birds collisions during the night. Most migratory birds fly at night and use stars, the moon, and the reflection of both to guide their way. Lights in or on buildings disorient them and, sadly, even attract them. The behavior to “follow lights” is something that has been programmed into the birds as a way of navigating for tens of thousands of years. Now, as the world gets more and crowded the mortality has become so bad that deaths from window collisions make up 9 percent of migratory bird mortality in the US. Our beloved bird population is dwindling at a rapid clip and that is bad for birds and for humans too. We rely on our fine-feathered friends to keep our ecosystems balanced by eating insects and vermin. 

The Solution to Migratory BirdStrikes

There are solutions to stopping these collisions both DIY and paid, to prevent birds from colliding with your home or commercial windows. DIY solutions are typically unsightly and don’t work great: painting the glass of your windows, putting up netting adding awnings. Far and away the most effective strategy is actually window film. By having fritted window film applied to your windows, you make the windows visible to birds. “Fritting” is tiny dots in a grid-like pattern that is visible to birds but barely noticeable to the human eye. This means our avian friends see the pattern as a solid object and fly around it! This is an excellent solution for residential properties and especially great for commercial structures. When you think about the benefits of bird strike window film it’s a no-brainer: preventing damage to your building and taking care of our lovely Dallas environment! But really, you another really good reason? Looking out for our fine-feathered friends! They are a lovely part of the Dallas area sky and the world at large and just need a little human help to keep soaring high!

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